Within Each individual resides a world of untapped potential.

I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t seeking for greater truths in this giant cosmos. I sat in the front row in life experiences and asked the bigger questions in regards to life purpose, healing, and connecting to the divine. I actively engaged in understanding the power of our vibrational frequency and how it is created by our thoughts and emotions. I sought out great healers and mystics and learned key principles in the healing journey as well as why illness appears in our life in the first place. I have learned incredible principles that apply to each of us.

My mission is to help in the healing of humanity and assist you in aligning to your own purpose. We are each unique in our dreams and aspirations. I believe that we carry within us the innate wisdom in achieving these dreams. My goal is to activate this wisdom and support others in the application of significant, yet simple skills in maintaining the momentum in forward movement. I am deeply passionate about pushing beyond our own limitations and expanding our possibilities of what we can create in our lives. I maintain a passionate spiritual connection and continue to ask “How can I serve in my best and highest capacity”?

After experiencing a near death experience in 2012 and enduring a grueling eight months in bed and years of healing, I delved deeper into the cause of dis-ease, studying emotional healing techniques, including EFT “Tapping”, essential oil therapy, and meditation to release negative emotions and support healing of the physical body. In my book, “The Secret to Healing and Recovery” I combine ancient wisdom and modern science to optimize the healing experience. My purpose in writing this powerful book is to offer a helping hand to anyone that is on a healing journey and for caregivers alike.

This book is an inspirational guide for anyone who has faced challenges with their health or experienced emotional trauma. Vicki encourages the reader to be in charge of their healing experience by weaving her personal struggles into a message of hope. She eloquently describes to the reader the many facets that contribute to healing with her deep understanding of the power that thoughts and feelings have on the well-being of an individual.  Her caregivers guide at the end of this book holds valuable information for anyone who takes on the role of caregiver for a family member. I highly recommend this book and greatly appreciate the wisdom contained therein.

Karol K. Truman
Author of “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”

With the resolute wisdom that comes from not only first-hand experience but from being a loving, insightful human, Vicki holds our hand and helps us to see our challenges and supports us with solutions as we wind our way through the experience of recovering our life from what may be a debilitating struggle. By so plainly and vulnerably sharing her story of pain and illness, she shows us the simple, actionable tools to help us recover from chronic health concerns. Vicki reminds us that it is so much more than one simple event that leads to our deepest physical challenges—and it is more than one tool, method, technique or change that is going to raise us up and out of our pain. This book is a gift of the highest order, a handbook of powerful support to help us live our best life.

Dr. Sarica Cernohous
Author of “The Funky Kitchen”

A POWERFUL resource for us today! Vicki brings wisdom and experience together so we can all see that it is time to get more involved with our well being. I love how she clearly brings the steps to our awareness so we can do something right now, today, to better ourselves for tomorrow. Care enough about yourself to read and act upon what it takes to course correct your life and feel better. Take charge of your life!

Kirk Duncan
Founder of 3 Key Elements