“The first step to breaking free of a perceived limitation is to believe that you can. The second step is a willingness to try.”

~Vicki Werner

My primary role in mentoring is to see the potential inside of  my clients and to support them in accessing their highest potential. Accessing the proper tools and insight, my clients are guided in understanding that everything that they desire is attainable by setting and maintaining a clear intention,  managing their thoughts and emotions, and committing to taking daily steps toward accomplishing their goal.  I use simple but powerful techniques to unlock the mystery that has been in all of us. “Who am I?”

There are many layers to this statement. “Who am I now?” can be answered in just a few questions. But who do I see me becoming can be a whole other story. We, as a nature of the human condition have an innate desire for transformation. Throughout history personal transformation often happens after a level of trauma, such as death or illness. I believe that transformation and striving for a better version of self can happen through awareness and by maintaining a healthy support system.

Using the ancient wisdom of Chinese face reading, intuition, and body language, I observe the inner wisdom and use this as a tool in support my clients to access their natural inner design while building confidence in achieving the best version of themselves. each of us approaches life experiences in a different way and we all have specific needs as we navigate through life. What a great opportunity it is for me to help my clients to use these tools and create their best version of themselves.

In a safe, supportive and compassionate environment we create endless possibilities.

As your chosen Mentor, I will assist in uncovering what has been holding you back from creating the life that you desire and then give you specific tools to achieve your goals faster and with more clarity.

What you can expect from mentoring with me.

  •        Intuitive guidance to support your greatest potential.
  •        Greater clarity in identifying the life you’ve always desired.
  •        Greater structure in your daily life.
  •        Receive proven techniques for success.
  •        Increase personal awareness, confidence, and potential.
  •        Improved relationships with family, self and others.
  •        Create and maintain order in personal environment.
  •        Get to the root of what’s keeping you from accomplishments.
  •        Reach your goals faster and with greater success.
  •        Understand your natural design and using this as a strength to support you.
  •        Receive proven skills and tools for success in all aspects of your life.
  •        Release negative emotions that sabotage and hold you back.
  •        Improve your health and relationship with your body.
  •        Gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions.

How can you enroll?

Please send a message through the contact form.

What is Expected?

  • 100% Commitment in the Daily/Weekly accountability system and 12 Mentoring sessions.
  • Act at a high level of respect to yourself and others.
  • This is an experiential training which will stretch you beyond your current abilities. You decide the pace
  • You could experience struggle, overwhelm, and pressure.
  • Action steps and growth activities will be part of your training.
  • You will plan and set benchmarks and goals.
  • You will track your experience.
  • This is not therapy, counseling of a 12 step program.
  • Vicki Werner is not a therapist, counselor, psychologist, financial or legal advisor. Mentoring appointments may be held with Scott Werner if agreed upon by client.



  • Student Binder to maintain order and accountability.
  • Multiple emotional healing techniques.
  • A FREE signed copy of my book “The Secrets to Healing and Recovery”.
  • 1 Free Spiritual/Medical Intuitive Reading will be available during the training, if desired. Intuitive reading is with Dr. Scott Werner and must be scheduled during your mentoring  program. ($200 value)
  • 20% Discount on all herbs purchased from Health & Longevity Inc during training.
  • Expert training video’s from Vicki and Scott Werner on multiple topics to support ongoing progress
  • If desired, Client may opt for past life regression and/or Soul Connection in place of mentoring appointment.
  • Mentoring appointments are in-person, Zoom, and/or over the phone.

Mentoring Packages Available


3 one hour appointments


6 one hour appointments


12 one hour appointments