To walk the path of Love one must walk the path with their soul…

There was something else that I was curious about. In my childhood home the windows in the basement playroom, a room that we spent a great deal of time in, were level with the sidewalk that led up to our front door. For some unknown reason, when I saw men that I didn’t recognize approach our front door I would have a strong inner impulse to quickly hide in the coat closet and practice breathing without making sounds. There was often an urgency to be safe and to be quiet. Over the years I would have micro-memory of a life that I had during World War Two where I was a man with a young family hiding from the Nazi’s. I eventually put together this correlation of hiding and breathing without sound as a soul carryover.

These experiences and many others encouraged me to seek meaning with the best of the best. Training with Deloris Cannon and Brian Weiss, as well as reading and researching the countless documented cases of past lives. I have been a regression therapist since 2007 and have supported my clients in hundreds of regressions.  However, in 2012, my life changed dramatically. I had been quite ill for some time and continually declining with no real answers. I was eventually so weak that I could no longer speak, due to the immense amount of energy that it would take for me to emanate sound, energy that I no longer had. On December 16th 2012 I died for 7 mins. During that time I was shown some incredible things by crystalline beings of light but I also knew that I had to return. I returned to a physical body of horrific pain and fear. I spent another 8 months in bed and years of healing to regain my strength. I committed to living, and healing, as well as maintaining my connection to the spirit realm. I am in deep gratitude for this connection and honor each client’s own connection to their souls journey.


To schedule a Past Life Regression with Vick, please send a message through the contact form.

As a regression therapist I am neither a trained psychologist nor a medical doctor. At no time will I attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy. When scheduling a past life regression the client is responsible for the care of their existing medical or psychiatric treatment. Each person experiences a past life regression in their own way. A first time regression may feel like they have made it up or imagined the images in the session. To get the most from your regression, keep an open mind and be open to the impressions that you receive

What to expect during a Past Life Regression?

A past life regression is a safe and relaxing experience with the intention of bringing more peace of mind and understanding to specific life concerns. You can experience your session from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. A typical session will last approximately 2.5 hrs. and includes a preliminary consultation over the phone. This is simply a guided imagery experience that accessing the deep subconscious by using full relaxation techniques.

Before my regression with Vicki I felt stuck and in a lot of confusion. And now, I feel like I have more clarity and transitioning. This experience was the first time that areas in my life made sense and I am so happy that I was able to understand my life better.
If you are searching for answers and ready to progress to the next level of self-knowledge, then I highly suggest that you give it a try.

Nikia L.
Reno, Nevada

Vicki Werner took me through my first past life regression. Her energy was kind, loving and incredibly supportive. She walked me through the experience with knowledgeable guidance and wisdom. This experience was healing on so many levels and I am blessed to have had it. I encourage anyone that has struggled with unresolved challenges to have a regression with Vicki.

Elizabeth M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Vicki has done both a regression and energy healing work for me. The regression took me to a place that I needed to be in order to understand and work on some current life issues. It was nothing short of miraculous. The intuitive reading that Vicki did for me was the most insightful and the best one I have ever had, and has been a great comfort in this time of my life. I have experienced many other healers but none like the compassionate work that Vicki provided.

Dorathy H.
St. George, Utah

The work that I have done with Vicki in her regression sessions has been incredibly insightful. In her sessions, she takes a situation that can be wrought with self-doubt about the truth of what is being seen and felt, and creates a space of no judgment around that– she just allows it to be what it is and keeps the process moving forward with utmost care. Her ability to foster an environment that is safe and welcoming and open is one of her true gifts. While she takes her work seriously, it is so clearly done with total love and compassion for the experience and the participant. Truly a blessing for any person who works with her in this capacity.

Dr. Sarica C.
Flagstaff, Arizona

My regression session with Vicki Werner was nothing short of life changing. I had been seeing a therapist for over a year when this momentous event occurred under the guided care of Vicki.
I had no expectations of how anything would go when I arrived at Vicki’s office. A few short hours later I walked out out into the sunshine reborn and cancelled my therapist. The insight i received in those few hours with Vicki jolted me out of my mind’s darkness and into the light. Having more impact and healing than 10 therapy sessions!

Melanie W.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My introduction into the world of past lives was with Vicki Werner. It was and remains to be and eye opening experience. Vicki guided me to a relaxed state to help me connect with my past lives and learn the lessons I once knew, but had since forgotten. It aided me to understand my current life purpose and lessons more clearly. I received so many answers to questions I had that were invaluable. The gift Vicki Werner game me through her guidance is energetically enlightening. I am forever grateful for her help she gave to me and my soul.

Madison K.
Eureka, California