Healing the Body – Healing the Mind – Healing the Soul

I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t seeking for greater truths in the cosmos. I sat in the front row in life experiences and asked the bigger questions in regards to life purpose, healing, and connecting to the divine. I actively engaged in understanding the power of our vibrational frequency and how it is created by our thoughts and emotions. I sought out great healers and mystics and learned key principles in the healing journey as well as why illness appears in our life in the first place; learning incredible principles that apply to each of us.
We are each unique in our dreams and aspirations. My goal is to activate your internal wisdom and support you in the application of significant, yet simple skills in maintaining the momentum in forward movement.

In 2012, I became very ill. While battling months of excruciating pain, my body continually weakened to where I developed severe reactions to over 400 foods. I spent weeks with intense muscle tremors and spasms which lasted 8-10 hours a day. Eventually, I became to weak to even speak and it was during this time that I had a near death experience. I was met on the other side by celestial beings that revealed how my family would live their lives without me, should I choose to leave my life permanently. I returned to a body that was sick and weak, and would spend years in physical pain. I diligently sought every wellness modality I could find in order to heal. Ultimately, discovering that sustainable healing has to come from within.

During my journey through illness, death, and anxiety about an unknown future I gained deeper wisdom on how and why illness happens. I was fortunate to learn from some of the greatest masters on what it takes to heal on all levels of the human experience. This has prepared me to lovingly guide others through their own healing crisis–helping them make the shift from fear, pain, and distress, to self-empowerment and the reclaiming of well-being. I maintain a passionate spiritual connection and continue to ask “How can I serve in my best and highest capacity”? I delved deeper into the cause of dis-ease, studying emotional healing techniques, including EFT “Tapping”, essential oil therapy, and meditation to release negative emotions and support healing of the physical body. In my book, “The Secret to Healing and Recovery” I combine ancient wisdom and modern science to optimize the healing experience. My purpose in writing this powerful book is to offer a helping hand to anyone that is on a healing journey and for caregivers alike.