What is Hypnosis-Past life regression? Hypnosis is a form of focused awareness. In this state you are still aware that you are reclining in a chair or couch and aware that I am either sitting next to you or talking with you over zoom. However, you will also be completely engrossed in the past life memory experience. A regression is focusing your attention through guided imagery to a specific time and space.

How do I prepare for a session?  I ask that my clients limit caffeine consumption prior to a regression, so that they can relax. Dress comfortably with loose fitting clothes and always use the restroom prior to beginning your session. You will prepare a list of questions that you want to address during the session and present them to me prior to your appointment. I will go over these questions with you when you arrive.

Will I be forced to do something against my will?   The client is in control at all times and will not do anything that goes against their will. Although the conscious mind is very relaxed you are also VERY aware and in complete control of the situation.

Will I reveal something that I don’t want to?  In this hyper-aware state, the client will only share what they choose to share. Your conscious mind and sub-conscious mind are equally active.

 What if it feels as though I am “making it up?” Many people have the concern that they are making  up what they see and wonder if it is real. However, there are some very distinct differences in a regression experience vs. a story that you create. The most notable is that if you were indeed making it up then you wouldn’t have such a strong emotional response during the session and would more than likely forget what you said. During a regression I monitor physical changes in my clients and there are key elements to the emotional response that I witness. You will likely remember very clear details even years later. During a regression, clients are often shocked by what takes place and are in a space of discovery rather than story telling.

Can I end the session at any time?  Yes. You can open your eyes and end the session whenever you choose to. You are in control of the experience. However, opening your eyes during your session will end the session, possibly causing you to miss potentially valuable information.

What results can I expect from a regression session?  We are each different individuals and therefore will each have a different experience. Re-experiencing and processing a past life memory might help you to understand and resolve current relationships, release emotional trauma, phobias and compulsions. Many will often have insight to health concerns and receive healing. An overall understanding of WHY? is made clear. Clients are given a sense of peace and a deeper understanding about issues that they have been dealing with.

What if I can’t be hypnotized? Most clients are able to enter this state of awareness relatively easy however, there are a few that may struggle. During a regression session, I make every attempt possible to ensure that my clients have a great outcome. Experiences will vary from client to client and your personal expectations are not guaranteed.  

Can I resume normal activity after my regression?  It is common to feel a bit drowsy after a session due to the deep relaxation state. It is recommended that you plan your day for light activity.

Will I be under hypnosis?  Hypnosis is a term used typical while in a specific brain wave activity known as the theta brain state. While our brain states change according to our activity, the theta brain state is known as the hypnotic state. While in theta, the mind is more suggestible. It is also the state that is more creative and inspired.

 Can I bring someone with me to my session? Although, I’m sure that you love the person that you want to have this experience with you, I do not let others be in the room with us. My clients deserve 100% of my attention during a session with me. Having someone else in the room can be distracting for me and my client. I also want you to get the most from your experience and sounds from someone in the room with you can pull your attention from your session, back in current time. Most appointments are over zoom, so if you choose, you can share it with others when you are finished.

What are the Akashic Records?  Akashic Records is a term coined in the late 19th century from akasha, the Sanskrit word for space or luminous.  Your Akashic records, also called the “Book Of Life” contain every thought, emotion, experience and event that your soul has ever had throughout time. This Book of life is essentially the records of your souls journey. Believed by many to be encoded in the non  physical ream known as the astral plane. The Akashic records became more familiar in recent history through the work of the late sleeping profit, Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce, A modern day and documented psychic, assisted thousands of people by accessing the Akashic records.

What is a “Carry over?” All of us came into this life with personality traits and characteristics that are specific to us each individual. We also came in with different qualities 0f “Carry Over” information. Some of these carry over traits offer us tremendous support in a chosen vocation. Take Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for instance. He was a prolific composer of Classical music and began this work at the tender age of 5 yrs. old. Or, Pablo Picasso, who is said to have had an interest in drawing even before he could speak. In or more modern time, there is Akrit Pran Jaswal, A child surgeon in India. He was performing surgeries at the astounding young age of seven. There is no question that these, and many thousand others are genius in their own right but what gives them the desire to seek out their chosen field in the first place? I believe that they and countless others came into those lives already infused with those these amazing gifts. There is also the other end of the spectrum of traits that can be not only challenging but literally debilitating. What if you were so frightful of getting on a plane that you chose to never travel? Or petrified in fear that you would lose a child so much so, that you refused to let them out of your sight. Creating a bubble of protection that constantly kept you engaged in protection and your child suffocating in the over protection of their parent. Having a regression helps you to address these traits and allows you to remove the emotional intensity, allowing you to live a more balanced and joyful life. There is a level of bondage that can hold us back due to a past trauma that was so intense or was not healed during that incarnation that we often choose to bring the issue forward into our current life and we set up specific people or events in this life to make it possible to address and to heal. During our time here on Earth, we must celebrate our lives from the depths of our being and use them to make a difference for ourselves and others.